Getting Started

All information on getting started with your dog is located at Alliance of Therapy Dogs.

Please read all the information at their site very carefully and make sure you understand what is involved. Then review the downloads accessible on their site and see if you feel you and your dog will pass the test.

Send us an email at to request an appointment when you are ready to get started. After setting up the appointment please fax (1-248-888-7488) or email us a copy of the registration page to make sure you have everything we need to test you.

Do not leave messages on the hotline/fax instead please email.

We understand your excitement to have your dog tested but all appointments are set up by the tester at their convenience. We also ask that you please DO NOT set up appointments that you are not committed to as we have a shortage of testers. No show appointments or if not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance will cause you to wait in line for another slot.

There is no fee for testing or to join Dr. Paws but we would like you to consider a donation of $25 to cover the T Shirt for the handler (or Patch if you prefer) and bandana for your dog that will be given to you upon passing if you’d like to join us. This will allow you into special functions during the year such as the Make A Wish events and others events that we do.

Unconditional love from an animal can sometimes provide the healing of the soul that we are all looking for.

We hope that you will find this volunteering very rewarding for yourself and your dog!

Terry Seraceno

Founder and Devoted President